Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mercy&Pearl Presents...sellers web details

We promised to list our lovely sellers's web details.

Not all our makers, designers, and craftspeople are online, some are only on Facebook, or contactable via email. For those contactable by email, please email to request their email address.

Here you go!.... We've grouped them for your convenience and, dated the market they attended, just to jog your memory!

Illustration, Print and Sewn work -
Karin Akesson (Nov/Dec)
Ros Shiers (Nov/Dec)
Ella Johnston (Nov/Dec)
Printed Wonders (Nov/Dec)
Love Isis (Dec)
Gemma Cutts - Papercutts Design (Nov/Dec)  (email us if the link does not work)
Suzy Taylor (due at Dec, but couldn't make the day, but we still think she's fab!)
Reap What I Sew (Nov)

Clothing - women -
Portobello Parties (Nov/Dec)

Clothing - kids -
Happy Days Kids (Nov)
Karine's Kids (also toys) (Nov/Dec)
rockabye-baby  (Nov, but due to illness couldn't make it, we hope you're feeling better!)
I wish I was a.... (Dec)
Bubba Crochet (Dec)

Gifts, Jewellery and home accessories -
Helen Mayor - Stella&Dot (Nov)
Pretty Little Jewels (Nov/Dec)
The Knit Knacks (Nov/Dec)
Love Wue (Dec)
A Room in my House (Nov/Dec)
Juliette Rose - please email Mercy&Pearl (Dec)
Boodles Bubbles (Nov)
The Delightful Pantry Company - please email Mercy&Pearl (Dec)
Moochic Baby (Dec)
AvaRae17/Sooze Ferguson (Dec)
Nikki Bettis (Dec) - please email Mercy&Pearl
Egulte Designs (Dec)
Betty Crafts (Nov/Dec) - please email Mercy&Pearl
Mad4Gifts (Nov)
Marilyn Lewin (Nov) - please email Mercy&Pearl
That Looks Pretty (Nov)
Felt Better (Nov)
Caroline Buck (Dec) - please email Mercy&Pearl

Homewares -
Nadia Sparham (Dec)

Toys -
Bryan Dunne - Marbel Toys - (Dec) please email Mercy&Pearl
Poppetto (Dec)

Food and Floristry -
Food for Thoughts (Nov/Dec)  (please email us if this link does not work!)
Daisy Train (Nov)
Rock Pop Candy (Nov)

Workshops -
Career Tree (Nov)
Silver Six Pence photography (Dec) - please email Mercy&Pearl 

For more info about the people who have taken part in our markets in November and December this year, read through our posts on the Mercy&Pearl Presents Facebook Page or look below through the posts on our lovely blog!

Our first market in 2012 (can't believe it's that year already!) will be in February, Friday 3rd to be exact, at the ArtsDepot, 10am till 2pm, and we'll be profiling new sellers for that market in January. 

Have a fabulous Festive Season, and Happy New Year!

xMercy&Pearl Presents....

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