Monday, 10 October 2011

November's workshop!....

This month's workshop is all about the Career Merry-Go-Round and finding out how to get on and off safely. It will be run by Sarah Archer and Lila Veltze from CareerTree. Both are experienced Career Coaches with a passion for helping people achieve their potential and find fulfilment at work.  They have significant industry experience in a number of sectors and have both changed careers successfullymid-life.

Sarah says, "People often feel their career has been up and down, like
they are watching the Merry-Go-Round whizz past them and they don’t
know how to get back on…..This interactive taster workshop looks at
how the current career landscape is changing and its impact on work
choices. It aims to discover what your ‘career anchors’ are and how
you can use them to navigate the Merry-Go-Round".

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  1. When? Where? Sounds great. I need all the help I can get!