Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Welcome to Mercy&Pearl Presents....

Mercy&Pearl has been born out of two women's love of craft and design and a desire to bring clever, creative makers to their local market.  The internet has been such an incredible force for craft, but there is nothing quite like the touch and feel and buzz of a market, and we love meeting the people behind the products.

We also know, all too well, that for women like us (ex professionals, now stay at home mothers) being able to shop in a nice child friendly environment is important, and we want our markets to be welcoming.  You'll find spaces in our markets set aside purely for little people to draw or stick, or read or write, something simple yet distracting. 

We're also too well versed in working part time, cramming in errands into our days off in order to clear the weekend for family time. We're hoping that coming to one of our markets can help you solve your gift needs, and provide you with an avenue for a well deserved treat, or something practical that you've run out of, but looks nice. We hope to and inspire you and show you things you hadn't even thought of, that just do the trick...and help keep your weekends free of shopping.

We'll also be running workshops, and these will vary from dedicated separate spaces to integrated talks and we'll publicise our line up shortly and associated costs. 

We recommend coming with a friend so one can sit with the smalls whilst 

the other browses or joins in a workshop, and then do a swap once you've 
had your fill!

Did we mention that the monthly markets are free to enter, no? Sorry, we should have put that up top!

We look forward to seeing you, and please like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mercyandpearlpresents a
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For all those makers out there, please do get in touch with us if you think this might be your thing. Email us at
 mercyandpearl@gmail.com.   We strongly believe that stock is not an issue, we want to encourage our shoppers to engage in the whole craft process, it's about finding what you like, either buying it there and then, or ordering it, and perhaps adding a touch that makes it personal to the buyer, who knows! Either way, we'd love to hear from you lovely clever crafty makers.  If markets feel too tricky to manage, get in touch with us about representing you at our At Home's and we can help celebrate and promote your work in the sociable comfort of our homes with our invited M&P Presents... guests.

All the best
p.s hope you like our first poster....lovely studio called Studio Small did it for us, we like to share! 


  1. Sounds really lovely idea. Can't wait for first Market x

  2. Please come joins us on 4th November for our premier market...spread the word! x sam and sara